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Spy Net Video Watch

I Spy With My Watch

The Spy Net Video Watch has it all: a hidden camera and audio system for secret agents to take and store photos and up to 30 minutes of video and audio. The watch includes a color video screen, plus you can upload your files of “evidence.” ($49.99)

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Comments about “Spy Net Video Watch”

  1. eatin' turkey says:

    I heard there is a connecter to look around corners

  2. Hurricane 1973 says:

    It looks ok but why would you ever need to take video like that?For me the fun of spying is not getting information.It is just either scaring them or sneaking up on them and being there without there knowing of it.

  3. MiB says:

    Nice. I wonder whether you would get in trouble bringing it to school… and those other buttons on it look like fun: It probably does just a little bit more than shoot video, and think of how cool it would be if it had INTERNET- That would be the coolest thing EVER!!

    • Percy Jackson says:

      It has a camera ,a video camera,a voice recorder,a voice changer, and a lie detector.

    • IAMAWESOME says:

      AND using Wi-Fi you could play on your DS,DSi,DSiXL,PSP,PSPGo and small contols would atomaticly come out they should put this in the spynetvideowatch2 if that even makes sense

  4. Smalls says:

    And so high teck for so cheep

  5. Smalls says:

    Soooooo want it. It looks like the funnest toy ever made.

  6. Old Steak says:


  7. ponage says:

    It looks sort of cool

  8. pizza says:

    i added it to my x-mas list

  9. chicken-tenderson says:

    this looks awsom! i want it so bad

  10. whatwouldjesusdo says:

    PERFECT FOR ME! It has just been added to my Christmas List.

  11. mitch says:

    I SO need this

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