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Vectron Wave

Wave of Your Hand

Forget the remote control. Guide the Vectron Wave with just your hand (or anything else). The mini UFO’s state-of-the-art sensor makes it automatically adjust its height to hover above stuff. Keep it indoors for best results. ($29.99)

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Comments about “Vectron Wave”

  1. azy says:

    im gonna get one its gonna be cool

  2. Bigfan says:

    looks cool! B) but does it work?

  3. zeon says:

    its pretty cool, i have a blue one

  4. colebug says:

    it looks so cool i really cool want it

  5. Hurricane 1973 says:

    These look pretty cool.

  6. haloman887 says:

    it looks cool but it probley dos not work well

  7. wierdo dude says:

    want it! i have enough money!!

  8. JN says:

    i have it it is so awesome

  9. mitch says:

    Iv’e wanted it sience they came out.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ok im SO getting this!

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