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Hot Wheels Stealth Rides R/C vehicles

Go Stealth

A car that folds! Hot Wheels Stealth Rides R/C vehicles fold flat enough to fit in your pocket. Slide the car out of its case (which doubles as the remote control), pop it up with the punch of a button and turn it into an R/C vehicle. The line includes racecars, tanks and the Batmobile. ($24.99)

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Comments about “Hot Wheels Stealth Rides R/C vehicles”

  1. Hurricane 1973 says:

    They don’t look very cool.Sure they are tiny but what REALLY matters is how fast they go.On the commercials they are SUPER slow.

  2. JoeBob says:

    Wait,so you mean I can sneak it to school?!!

  3. haloman887 says:

    awesome i am buying this

  4. Dudes Rule says:

    dudes this thing is sick!

  5. ROBOHOBO says:

    I love this thing

  6. wierdo dude says:

    yo i don’t know what it does

  7. kick says:

    this is cool yo-yo

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