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Every month, Boys’ Life magazine gives you a brand-new project to test your skills and creativity.

But we need your ideas!

Use the comment form below to tell us what projects you’d like BL Workshop to tackle.

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  1. Spliced says:

    how to build a home made picture frame to give to someone special

  2. cegan2000 says:

    how to make a boomerang

  3. cegan2000 says:

    how about a fire with flint and steel

  4. cegan2000 says:

    a sling shot

  5. teeto301 says:

    Show how to make a catapult

  6. brisingger homeschool says:

    How about one about Thanksgiving? thank you!

  7. E-man says:

    how to build a cubmobile

  8. Harvest Moon says:

    how to draw videos like how to draw pedro and pee wee.

  9. Wolf Den Leader says:

    I would like to see some throw backs…Bring back whittlin’ Jim or some kind of neckerchief slide corner.

  10. buildboy5555 says:

    a home made video game system

  11. buildboy5555 says:

    a cell phone/tv/or a go cart

  12. Blazeiken says:

    You’ve tackled an arrow, why not add a bow to go with it?

  13. greencrocs says:

    How about a lantern.

  14. greencrocs says:

    A homemade slingshot.

  15. magicfreak says:

    a BB gun

  16. magicfreak says:

    a tv

  17. red rose says:

    why not a home made slingshot

  18. silly says:

    a soler oven with adjustable temperature

  19. silly says:

    how about a wooden crossbow pistle

  20. scout4life says:

    ok i think it would be really cool if you did an article on how to make a solar powerd usb ipod charger, like the one you had an advertizement about in one of your monthly perodicles cause it was selling for 75$ and i know you could make one for 10 or 15 and they would be great for backpacking trips

  21. BS luvr 2 says:

    how about a lemanade stand made out of paper

  22. my fly says:

    a 8 ft 4wt bamboo fly rod would rock!!!!!!

  23. Troop 115 says:

    Our Troop have been building 14′ canvas kayaks for the past two years and our boys LOVE them. We are heading to summer camp for the second year in a row taking our own hand made kayaks!

  24. Mr. Me Loves Projects says:

    A go-cart and/or a catapult

  25. bee kauy says:

    Would love to know how to build a bookshelf/entertainment shelf with drawers for my moms. It does not have to be fancy.

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. WATER WAGON says:


  28. heatboy2 says:

    a simple log cabin that i can make fast and sub for a tent.

    • KYRIE says:

      I would like to design a simple program with XL to foresee the weather on the U.S. and Europe.

      • KYRIE says:

        How to obtain a substance or device that incorporates the radiation in the air,bodies, fluids and solids that surround us?

  29. Niky says:

    A small sized catapalt that throws like small marbles.

    • Wolf Den Leader says:

      If we could post pictures I have a great project, but we use mini marshmallows and I will be making it with my wolf den in December.

  30. nike says:

    How about a basketball goal!!!!

  31. nike says:

    How about showing how to make a skateboard or a ripstik. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  32. BS Luvr 2 says:

    How about a buildable pocket-knife or a cell phone that actually works!

  33. Cool Dude Brown says:

    a lean-to or hut made of sticks and such.

  34. bobo says:

    a wooden stool

  35. Disturbed Military says:

    How about a compass/survival knife?

  36. metal mender wannabe says:

    please show me how to create a blacksmithing forge, my friend and i in the bsa are all into metalworking, but we cant figure out haw to set up the right oven where it is safe and the heat is perfect. i would love to see this in the next boyslife!

  37. cw10 says:

    A tent our a catapult.

  38. cw10 says:

    How about a spear our a toy model?

  39. Immpossible says:

    How about a giant life size castle! Or a wooden ball launcher!

  40. RFK says:

    A Klondike derby sled would be nice with removable wheels so that it can run on skies.

  41. spypat says:

    What about a bunk bed

  42. blackninja says:

    some helicopters

  43. tuck says:

    bow and arrows mite be fun

  44. sgtdog says:

    how about we do somthing for the troops

  45. nicky98 says:

    a fire startig kit

  46. skyminer707 says:

    A rustic chair to go with the table.

    • troop140life says:

      I agree with skyminer707, I built the table about a month ago and a chair would look awesome with it!

    • Builder says:

      I agree with this one. Go to sit at kithen table and fall back because kithen chair is at desk. A rustic chair would look nice with the custom desk.

  47. 1324 says:

    Lego biuldings for you to biuld

  48. pain says:

    a toy rocket?

  49. anymous says:

    How about you show us how to make a bow for the arrow you showed us how to make online.

  50. Mr. loves lock blades says:

    more backpacking projects, like the backpacking sled, stuff like that

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