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Links found in the July 2011 Boys’ Life magazine

JULY 2011

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Fast Facts: Civil War

Ask the Gear Guy

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Covering 100 Years!

Guy Gear Update: Get Sharp

King of the Strings

Scouting Around

Dancing With the Stars

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8 Comments on Links found in the July 2011 Boys’ Life magazine

  1. Hello

  2. I’ve owned Minecraft since the InDev version, I was surprised when it was featured in this issue!

  3. Minecraft is awesome! it is like lego! is $21.95 if you wont minecraft

  4. minecraft is poneage best game on in the world 1.8 preveiw 2 was releced today

  5. I saw the video for Minecraft and it looks like so much like LEGO! P.S. Minecraft is sooooooo pixely! P.P.S. For those of you that have a Wii, Bit.Trip Runner is available on WiiWare for I think about 500 Wii points.

  6. I love minnecraft it’s so fun

  7. Click on games Minecraft! the most awesomely awesome and addicting game EVER!!!

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