Put Boyslife.org on your website

Are you in charge of your pack or troop’s website? Do you have a personal website that you want to improve?

Now you can put Boyslife.org on your site with these handy widgets. Just choose the option that you’d like to use and paste the code onto your site. It’s easy! Each widget is designed to be automatically updated with the latest content from Boys’ Life magazine.

OPTION 1: Large Boys’ Life cover

<a href="http://www.boyslife.org">
<img src="http://media.scouting.org/boyslife/current/cover.jpg" />
</a><br clear="all" />

OPTION 2: Small Boys’ Life cover

<a href="http://www.boyslife.org">
<img src="http://media.scouting.org/boyslife/current/cover-sm.jpg" />
</a><br clear="all" />

OPTION 3: RSS feeds

You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds on your website, personalized homepage or with an RSS reader. Click here to see a list of some of our more popular feeds.

Comments about “Put Boyslife.org on your website”

  1. KISS says:


  2. lil jj says:

    Could you get any cooler!?! This site rocks!?!

  3. sallonorryirl says:

    How i may contact the administrator of a site? I have a question.

  4. Jarrod says:

    These are great! Would it be possible to make it so that I can add these to my Facebook?

  5. Siber says:

    Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information…:

  6. FrequentSiteVisitor says:

    This site is great, I have gotton many of the above widgets for my troop’s website, and the younger scouts have gotton the biggest laugh ever, Thanks Boy’s Life !!!!!!!!!!!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Your Friends at 271 :) :) :) :) :)

  7. Robert says:

    You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.t

  8. Timmy says:

    I like it and the background and colors make it easy to read

  9. Hannes says:

    Your work is marvelous!!s

  10. john says:

    Nice site… Cool guestbook…t

  11. Hannes says:

    I browse and saw you website and I found it very interesting.Thank you for the good work, greetings

  12. Ron says:

    Great Site – really useful information!e

  13. Robert says:

    This site is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck

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  15. Hannes says:

    keep up the good work!r

  16. Timmy says:

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  17. jeroen says:

    Hi, good morning to all of you… Nice Guestbook ;-) !!!

  18. Bubba says:

    These are really good ideas, these are really cool ways so I can put these links on my myspace and spread Boy Scouts to everyone. Thanks!!! Great Site

  19. Boyscoutssibling says:

    Cool! I’ll tell my dad about this!

  20. Anonymous says:

    ultimite is now faster then ever. thanks

  21. Keybanger says:

    I like this. I have now incorporated 3 of the choices into different parts of our pack web site.

    Great work!

  22. Boyslife.org says:

    By the way … for those of you running troop websites, we’ll be launching a Merit Badge Requirements widget in the next few weeks. It should be very useful.

    If you have any other widget ideas, please let us know.

  23. Boyslife.org says:

    Thanks for the feedback on the long loading time for the ultimate widget. We’ll work on speeding that up for you. We’ll also add a simple link to the Boyslife.org site.

    Some blogging and Content Management Systems allow you to embed RSS feeds on webpages. I know Blogger does, and I think Joomla and Drupal do also. Anybody have any other ideas for IHateTicks?

  24. Pack315 Webmaster says:

    Ultimate widget does take too long to load. Option 3 with a link to the Boys Life site is the way our pack will go.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Is there a website that has a listing of all the pack/troop websites? and maybe a forum for us to pass around ideas?

  26. IHateTicks says:

    I have used these scripts and they work fine. you just have to have some html knowledge. My problem is with adding the RSS feeds. Do I need some other type of widget on my site for the RSS Feeds to work? Or just add the code?

  27. CantMowHavtaHike says:

    Option 1: The Ultimate widget takes too long to download and it could use a simple link to boyslife.org homepage. So tried, disappointed. Went with Option 3 on unit website. Thanks for the options.

  28. Nikolet says:

    Nice site!

  29. scout2334 says:

    how do you send things in to the magizine? :l

  30. boy says:

    How do I get those smiley faces?!

  31. bilybob says:

    I’m the fastest &tolest in my class

  32. stinkbob says:

    Does this work with freewebs?

  33. stinkbob says:

    Wow I feel bad for you people that have a n64 and a Ds I wish I would get a wii it’s so cool it’s voice activated I hear.

  34. william rok says:

    Yeah were is pedro cuz i need a stinken wii cuz all i got is a 64 and a ds

  35. william rok says:

    is there a way to upload stuff to my site from boyslife.com?

  36. fat pigeon says:

    Where is pedro on the website!!!!!!

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  39. Extreme Rapper says:

    i cant do this :( :cry:

  40. keywieldinglegend says:

    cool but do they auto up grade

  41. nicnac says:

    i was able to put it on my website.

  42. nicnac says:

    is there any pictures of the flipstart computer.

  43. izac says:

    is there something for my psp?

  44. reyrey619mitch says:

    how do u put in on your website?

  45. WebmasterinNeed says:

    Can you put something on about making websites. I could use some help?

  46. Invisible Ninja says:

    i luv it!!

  47. NinjaMaster says:

    hmmm. cool! :-)

  48. Anonymous says:

    I have tried to add your link, however it does not work.

  49. Da Boss says:

    hmm i don’t have a website but still cool :lol: :-D :-) :-P :mrgreen: ;-)

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