Christopher Paolini chats about new book

The latest installment in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle hits bookstores Saturday, Sept. 20. Following in the footsteps of “Eragon” and “Eldest,” “Brisingr” will be the third of four planned books in this fantasy adventure.

In an interview with Boys’ Life, Christopher spoke of reading, dreaming and adventure as a child in Paradise Valley, Mont.

Christopher spent his days exploring mountains and rivers. Fantasy fiction caught his attention and he attacked the local library. He read anything and everything, including Boys’ Life.

At age 15, he sat down to write the kind of story he’d like to read. His family self-published “Eragon” in 2001. Christopher traveled the country in costume, speaking to students about the magic of reading and sharing his own story.

“It was intense,” Christopher says. “I dare anyone to put on a medieval costume when you’re 17 and walk into a strange high school. It was a great experience, but definitely a formative experience.”

The experience paid off.

“Eragon” landed in the hands of Carl Hiaasen’s stepson. Hiaasen, who’s written “Hoot” and other young adult novels, sent “Eragon” to Random House Publishing. Soon, Christopher’s story became a bestseller.

“Eragon” has since become a film, and “Eldest” also became a bestseller. It’s been quite a jump for the young man from rural Montana.

Christopher traces all his success back to reading.

“It’s done everything for me. Reading is probably the single most important skill I’ve learned in my life,” he says. “It’s crucial that you find books that you yourself enjoy. People who haven’t fallen in love with reading yet, I tell them to try another book, try another genre. There’s so much out there. Take another look.”

Click on the audio players below to hear portions of Christopher’s interview with Boys’ Life.

Christopher on how the outdoors and the Montana landscape have shaped his stories:

Christopher on why he started writing “Eragon”:

Christopher on how he invented the different languages used in the Inheritance Cycle:


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  1. pobo123 says:

    I loved this book and Im so happy its on boys life.com Its only my2nd visit to the website here are some spoilers Eregon and roran stronghammer set off to avenge garrows death eregon who only has a cane because zoroc got stolen. He helps roran rescue katrina but whats to do with sloan

  2. BLANK says:

    We love your books so much!! We have not read you 3rd book yet but we bet it is awesome!!

  3. P.J. the dragon says:

    These books ROCK! waiting for 3rd book.

  4. Lord Vader says:

    I loved the 1st 2 books! I’m waiting ’till Christmas 2 get it :( please give small spoilers!

  5. Kris says:

    Eragon the Movie SUCKED Chris its your duty to make SURE they follow the book on the next 3 movies

  6. Du Sundavar Freohr says:

    i love all the books, and i read all of them

    in 1 week!!

  7. coolatk says:

    I love Eragon it is my favorite book. I sure do hope Christopher Paolini makes more of them. I heard the 5th book is about an green dragon.

  8. THE MAN says:

    brisinger is awsome if you like eldest read the dragon lance series

  9. EaRgOnIsAwSoMe says:

    im reading your first book and i love it i wanna read all of them.GREAT STORY!

  10. shadeslayer2520 says:

    Eragon and Eldest are awesome books. I recommend them to anyone who likes Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. I haven’t finished Brisingr yet, but it is great so far. I hope they make an Eldest movie, too!

  11. bull dog says:

    Eragon was a great read, I am reading Eldest right now but I can’t wait to read Brisingr.

  12. Cool-Kid-Don says:

    Am waiting to get it from the library am #7 on the list, but am dying for some spoilers. If you have some, please say them, but nothing too revealing or in depth.

  13. dragon lover says:

    this is the best book EVER!!

  14. EragonFan123 says:

    I am getting this book soon i have the other 2 and they are good i read eldest in less than 24 hrs this book look good

  15. Eragon N2 says:

    Christopher is a good writer. as you see I support him completely. I created a Runescape player named Eragon N2 after his great books.

    Sometimes at random I shout out magical spells from the books on Runescape.

    I have not read Brisngr yet but I’m trying to get my hands on it.

  16. Some Guy says:

    Eragon and Eldest were great but the Eragon movie was kinda no where near like the book and i had to reread Eragon and Eldest to realize that the movie was ok but the books were better. I hope your books keep gaining you fans!

  17. french guy says:

    when dose this book come out i loved the others!

  18. aubrinator says:


  19. fear the road says:

    I read the Eragon about 5 times.. Eldest 4 times and i finished Brisingr in about 3 days. It was amazing! I wish Glaedr and Oromis lived though… =< oh well gr8 book.

  20. butterroller says:

    I read the book in 3 days… I would definitely suggest this book to anyone. It’s great!

  21. Jace says:


  22. them says:

    Wow. I just noticed that this book came out. =D

    Can’t wait to read it!

  23. brjyugn says:

    eragon is awesome

  24. Terminator says:

    This book ROCKS!!!!

  25. N8 gr8 says:

    I’m your biggest fan! your books own above all. Plus they help me get reading counts points i can’t wait ’till the 4th book comes out!

  26. sjw2488 says:

    your books are awesome!!!!!!!!!

  27. bob says:

    the book is okay i am not a big fan of it though

  28. wolf1094 says:

    I started Brisingr yesterday and it is really good! I have already read Eldest and Eragon and they were good too.

  29. Glaeder456 says:

    I am pushing myself to the limit to get enough money for the 3rd book!!!!

  30. Dragon man says:

    Man. iv read the first book twice and the second book 3 times and i can’t wait to read this one, it sounds so cool.

  31. weeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz says:

    I love the Inhritance Trilogy

  32. Ruggly says:

    Um… Has no one noticed how much his books copy the storyline of Star Wars?

  33. kyzy says:

    he is going to let out a fourth book too! it was supposed to be a trilogy, but apparently

    where he stopped it, it was already thick enough for being published. this was the BEST book i have read in my life!

  34. Brunin227 says:

    I love these books!

  35. Arya Svit-Kona says:

    I just fifished Eragon and it was great!!!!!! now im reading Eldest. P.S. I love your detail.

  36. mattman says:

    I sat outside the bookstore till 12:01 am the day it came out to get it right away and never put it down. It was an awsome book.

  37. Eragon fan says:

    Kvetha Fricai, Eragon and Eldest are two of my favorite books, I haven’t read Brisingr yet, but my birthday is coming up, so I’ve been practically begging mom and dad to get it for me. I’m 1,000,000% sure it’ll be a great book!

  38. jush542 says:

    I hav read Eragon and i am started on Eldest last night. you are the best author.

  39. Animae fan says:

    Eragon is a GREAT book. I’m reading Eldest. Eldest is awesome. I’m looking foward to Brisingr.

  40. Brom says:

    I’ve read the 1st book 3 times and the 2nd book twice! Kudos to CP!!

  41. Trevty1995 says:

    I got it yesterday almost as soon as the store opened and it is awesome!

  42. orik says:

    I read all your books your my favorite author May swords stay sharp

  43. Durza says:

    W00T! Book 3 of the Inheritance cycle!! Hope it is as great as the first two! Good Job Christopher!

  44. The Pizza Guy says:

    I have waited solong for this!! Yah!!!!!!! I have gotta read it.

  45. snake says:

    im so glad that it finally came out

  46. Murtagh says:


    I’ve waited years and it’s all come down to this !

  47. Trevty1995 says:

    The_Executive this is the third book!

    P.S. yay first comment!

  48. The_Executive says:

    I found this to be very interesting.

    Big fan of the first two books, didn’t get to read the third yet. :(

  49. power to the 2nd amendment says:

    interesting. i’ve sorta wrote my own fantasy fistion book gotta edit it before i try to publish it but i’m sorta stumped on the languages i mean like i just have to have a personal key written down

  50. Trevty1995 says:

    Woo ho I can’t wait till it comes out I have been waiting three years for it!

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