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Christopher Paolini chats about new book

The latest installment in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle hits bookstores Saturday, Sept. 20. Following in the footsteps of “Eragon” and “Eldest,” “Brisingr” will be the third of four planned books in this fantasy adventure.

In an interview with Boys’ Life, Christopher spoke of reading, dreaming and adventure as a child in Paradise Valley, Mont.

Christopher spent his days exploring mountains and rivers. Fantasy fiction caught his attention and he attacked the local library. He read anything and everything, including Boys’ Life.

At age 15, he sat down to write the kind of story he’d like to read. His family self-published “Eragon” in 2001. Christopher traveled the country in costume, speaking to students about the magic of reading and sharing his own story.

“It was intense,” Christopher says. “I dare anyone to put on a medieval costume when you’re 17 and walk into a strange high school. It was a great experience, but definitely a formative experience.”

The experience paid off.

“Eragon” landed in the hands of Carl Hiaasen’s stepson. Hiaasen, who’s written “Hoot” and other young adult novels, sent “Eragon” to Random House Publishing. Soon, Christopher’s story became a bestseller.

“Eragon” has since become a film, and “Eldest” also became a bestseller. It’s been quite a jump for the young man from rural Montana.

Christopher traces all his success back to reading.

“It’s done everything for me. Reading is probably the single most important skill I’ve learned in my life,” he says. “It’s crucial that you find books that you yourself enjoy. People who haven’t fallen in love with reading yet, I tell them to try another book, try another genre. There’s so much out there. Take another look.”

Click on the audio players below to hear portions of Christopher’s interview with Boys’ Life.

Christopher on how the outdoors and the Montana landscape have shaped his stories:

Christopher on why he started writing “Eragon”:

Christopher on how he invented the different languages used in the Inheritance Cycle:

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  1. PLEASEWRITEMORE // March 12, 2012 at 2:54 pm // Reply


  2. yes anonymous is right

  3. Please write another book. Many people such as myself would love to know how the riders rebuild their power and also what will become of Eragon and Arya. The final pages of book 4 were amazing but depressing. Please continue to write!!!!

    • NEWERAGONBOOKSPLEASE // February 9, 2012 at 9:42 pm // Reply

      I’m with ya on that one! Ive started to write a book of Bromide. I want him to write it though because I cant write as well! I hate the ending of the series and want it to keep going forever because I’ve came to know Deacon and Saphira. Please write another book!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Im thinking he should start a new series 100 years later with rorans daughter as a rider (main character) and eragon is old and powerful and he got married to arya and saphira is huge now (like shurikan not belgabad) and rorans daugheter travels with some urgal kull rider also.

  4. I am begging Jou to write another book. Inheritance was a master piece page no other. I have been sad and depressed ever since reading the final pages and realizing that it was then. Please I beg you, just one more book with eragon as the main character.

    • Eragonftw // May 7, 2012 at 4:57 pm // Reply

      I hope your reading this CP, there simply must be another book with Eragon as the main protagonist, I’ve been reading the inheritance cycle since I was like 11. I’ve basically grown up with the books and it’s sad to see them end :(! Please make mooooore

  5. Write another book! Please! I need to know what happens after the 4th book, there so much that can still happen.

  6. Mt. Rushmore // January 7, 2012 at 4:50 pm // Reply

    Please !!!!! write another sequel to Inheritance, I would really like to know what happens to Eragon, and if you are writing a new book can you add more about Arya and Eragon and their relationship

  7. I need book 5 because book 4 was so amazing and i want to learn how the riders rebuild their power. Also what of Arya and Eragon? Please write a book 5.

  8. Inheritance Cycle was very detailed, explaining all about the races, putting aside differents, working together, & deciding what’s best for the whole world. Even though Inheritance book 4 was very great, the decision for Eragon & Saphira to leave the land they saved from an evil king/Dragon Rider. The final pages were very sad & depressing.

    • It would be terrible if you ended the series on a depressing remark. Therefore you should write a fifth book so everybody curiosity will be settled and people will all know what happens to the Riders. So please, please, please write a book 5 for the Inheritance Cycle, but obviously with Eragon as the main character.

  9. Please. Write another book and the last one was awesome! And we need to know how the riders rebuild and how they train the dragons and riders!

  10. I absaloutley loved your fourth book of the Inheritance series, but will there be another book that has Eragon in it. Please write another one!

    • Please write another book because the last one was awesome! And we need to know about how the riders order comes into shape and how they join and train them.

      • A prequel about Alalea and the reason the elves left (their big mistake) or the Dragons before the elves came. Also it would be cool if Christopher Paolini wrote something on the new riders

  11. why did you put a green dragon on the cover? will there be a green dragon that comes into the book

  12. do you think you’ll write any other dragon books

  13. what made you write about dragonsandwhen did you make eragon

  14. Will be 5 book?

  15. im disapointed waiting for your next book i have been waiting so long JAS

  16. read then about 12 times so far in the past 2 months. im dieing to read the next book!

  17. nosferatu // July 7, 2011 at 5:12 am // Reply

    These books have become my favorite series to read, ive read the first 3 books over and over and i am greatly anticipating the 4th installment. lets all hope it comes out soon! goinon 3 years here!

  18. It’s May 2011 now… WHEN will the next book come out, Mr. Paolini? I’m desperate here!! ❤

  19. ImmortalFantasy // May 2, 2011 at 9:55 am // Reply

    what is the title of the fourth book?

  20. i tore threw the first 3 books an ive been waiting forever for the fourth im going crazy waiting! i have to know what happens soon!

  21. I hope you writ book four i absilutly loved all the other books

  22. When will the fourth book come out already? There have been no updates either. We should be given some sort of possible release date from the author so we can wait till then.

  23. i don’t think there will be a 5th book and as for the 4th one i think it will come out sometime in 2010 if at all…

  24. This book is apparently never going to be published… 2 years and waiting, probably wont be able to finish the series in book 4 and will keep everyone waiting until 2020 for the release of book 5.

  25. i hope u write book four fast nearly witing for it for 2 years now and wil u name thefourth book eldunari

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