Cool toys for your 2008 holiday wish list

Crank up your fun with some of the latest and greatest toys and games for your holiday wish list.

Take a peek at our photo gallery and then use the comments section to tell us which toys you think are the coolest.

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Comments about “Cool toys for your 2008 holiday wish list”

  1. joepizza says:

    1111 by 1111 rubics cube!!!!!!!

  2. expencive says:

    90 bucks!!!

  3. yoda says:

    I don’t see a difference :)

  4. bob says:

    I do not like it.

  5. scout372 says:

    I want a Zebco fishing rod with bottom rig for catching those 40 inch carp in a river.

  6. Bob The Builder (can we fix it?)!!!! says:

    but it’s Tooooooooooo $$$$$$$$$$$

  7. timmy tim tim says:

    spore rocks get it !!!!!!!!!!

  8. DandDfreak says:

    Rubiks Cube totaly

  9. can't choose wich. says:

    night vision is cool but along with spy video but it hurts your wallet.

  10. wonderwhy says:

    The spy video is cool but they don’t give enough info on it. also it is very $$$$$$$.

  11. spore dude says:

    I just realised that we are supposed to look at the website befor posting. But ahh O well i bet they have it on this site, but realy spore is the bomb (and you can bomb other peoples planets or so I here) you get to build up from a single celled creacher to a massive space age planet destroying monster.

  12. Pensfan says:

    The air jam is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!

  13. TERMINATOR v. 2.0 says:

    I agree with Ek&ajhooten

  14. TERMIATOR v. 2.0 says:

    I want them all exept #11. It doesn’t seem that itristing

  15. TraceurNIN says:

    I wouldn’t recommend Star Wars Force Unleashed just to let u know. It’s a good game and all, but it’s too short. =( Just FYI for those of u who want to get that game.

  16. webmaster says:

    I want the iCoaster!

  17. CPI says:

    The electronic roller coaster is really cool.

  18. Jeff says:

    I had the shadow thing but Iost it.

  19. Jeff says:

    I had the shadow thing but Ilost it.

  20. Ek says:

    IT would be nicer if we could buy them from this website

  21. alphawolfloner says:

    Pity they didn’t have the toys with prices for us poor souls with no allowance!!!!! but any way their really nice!!!

  22. alphawolfloner says:

    Nice! pity they didn’t have the toys with prices for us poor souls with no allowance!!!!!

  23. alphawolfloner says:

    Nice! pity they didn’t have the toys with prices for us poor souls with no allowance

  24. asdf says:

    Kool!!! haha

  25. Spazzum says:

    The car that drives up the wall is cool, but I like the Secret Agent camera car best. The roller coaster thing is neat too.

  26. kman says:

    cool dude

  27. cliferd says:

    well it is cool very cool

  28. Mr. Ahah! says:

    Really if they put a Lego mindstorm in this slide show, whooee, it would be really great.

  29. Mr. Ahah! says:

    I hope i get one of those icoasters for christmas

  30. Bleg-bleggit says:

    what’s “manhunt”?

  31. dragon800 says:

    i want nintendo wii

  32. Samonerd says:

    I REEEEEAAAALLLLYYYY like the air hogs car, you know, the one that can DRIVE UP WALLS!!!!!

  33. JAM says:

    Man, those are so cool things. if any one wants some fun, go on to cartoonetwork

  34. dino32 says:

    cool list

  35. mailbox21 says:

    the car that drives up walls and on ceilings would be cool!

  36. pogojuggler says:

    sweet goggles

  37. samuel23 says:

    the nikko aqua dodger

  38. accessory says:

    Pretty good.=)

  39. ajhooton says:

    why didint they put bakugan on this page!

  40. fdi says:

    hi hi him

  41. bigboy says:

    The Force Unleahsed!

  42. Cool scout says:

    Force UNLEAHSED!

  43. Thorpedo5 says:

    I think the spy video ATV is AWESOME!!!

  44. The Joker says:


  45. SUKAMPRENDE says:


  46. Drew says:

    the night vision goggles would be good for manhunt

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