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Links found in June 2009 Boys’ Life magazine

JUNE 2009

This month



Hobby Hows



BL Headliners

Gliding High

Wildlife Wardens

Here Comes The Sun!

Don’t Be a Dope!

You Are What You Eat

Superior Wilderness

Academy Rewards

Conestoga Camping

Centennial Corner: 100 Years of Leaders

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1 Comment on Links found in June 2009 Boys’ Life magazine

  1. the boys life magazine is awesome. it tells me all about the new and improved gear that I can get. It also has tons of links that leads me to informational and fun sites just like this one.I am a scout myself, and one of the many reasons I like this magazine is because it tells me about other scouts and what the do. It is good to know that I am reading about real people,not just an idea. I want to say thank you to all the people reading this and all the people they work with for making this magazine.


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