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Links found in July 2009 Boys’ Life magazine

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4 Comments on Links found in July 2009 Boys’ Life magazine

  1. I don’t really know how to ride a skateboard, but I ride a razor scooter! I can ollie a foot and maybe a bit more, I can tailwhip, and I can 180. Also, if you have a scooter, spray paint it and tape it up with electric tape. It looks SICK!

  2. I just got my isssue and I love the links

  3. This months BL magazine was awsome it had lot of interesting things that were happening like the coin for the 100th aniversery. It also had good jokes

  4. I love skateing just started. I am only good at the mini halfpipe. can only ollie like 2 inches, really sad. I so want to grind a rail but there is no rail that I can ollie. But I skate on!

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