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Get your Scouting for Adventure DVDs today!

Join Boys’ Life magazine on once-in-a-lifetime journeys to America’s hot spots for high adventure in this television series produced by The Outdoor Channel.

DVDs are $14.95 each or just $10 if you order 10 or more to one address. Order the entire set for special bundle pricing.

Shipping and handling is included.



or call (972) 580-2376


12 Comments on Get your Scouting for Adventure DVDs today!

  1. Super Scout // May 29, 2013 at 5:42 pm // Reply

    I want to get the whole series of scouts in action, however, I don’t have enough to get it.

  2. Just bought season 5. thanks, my collection is complete

  3. DVDs are GREAT to show scouts the opportunities available to them in scouts and give them the push to go beyond their cuurent “limits” and plan for GREAT ADVENTURES! It help them realise that they CAN go to these places! GREAT DVDs!!!!!

  4. YEAH!! Season 4, just in time for the holiday.

  5. I can not stop watching them.

  6. I wish these were available to rent on Netflix.

  7. I love archery so definetely awesome.

  8. i think it’s cool. i like the archery part.

  9. I need all of the DVDs!

  10. When is season 3 going to come out on DVD?

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