Summer Fun Photo Contest

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  1. Scales says:

    Got great pics of a vacation to Hershey I might and want to win first I wish luck to all enterers

  2. Hanuman119 says:

    I have one photo to e-mail

  3. Batman says:

    When is this contest?

  4. Hanuman119 says:

    Can I take pictures of me?

  5. Hanuman119 says:

    How many photos do I have to take?

  6. Greg says:


  7. fotogy2 says:

    I’m a second generation photographer, so this is awesome!!!

  8. ginger says:


  9. A person says:

    Will this contest be every summer?

  10. Yearbook Freak says:

    Come at me! I’m in. Light art, here I come.

  11. Super pooch!!! says:

    I think this is a super contest!

  12. dog says:

    do you win a prize?

    • sir scoutsalot says:

      Yes 1st place is a camilo tablet. 2nd place is a 75 dollar scout stuff gift card and 3rd place is a 50 dollar scout stuff gift card

  13. Football lover says:

    Can’t wait to take pics I’m great at pics

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