Comments about “Cloudy With a Chance of Meat Balls”

  1. spacecase1997 says:

    real cool!!!!!!!!!!;)

  2. joty says:

    56% ese 54% hard

  3. dballer says:

    i wish it was on the full version it would be even better!

  4. jhhg says:

    i lovd the game

  5. coool says:

    cooooool game

  6. howareyagirl says:

    LOVE it!! :)

  7. technolord says:

    Cool, but how does a meatball split into two smaller meatballs???

  8. Camoboy says:

    me and my sister got 651,154 points on multiplayer.

  9. Titan says:

    I have not beaten the game but I am working on it.

  10. mmmmmnty says:

    FOOD! I love the game!

  11. Bligh42 says:

    I got 46708 points! Hard Luck

  12. 5`2 guy says:

    steve flintwood`s wife kinda reminds me of ginormica from monsters vs aliens

  13. Waterstar says:

    I beat the game with 1000000 points!

  14. Firestar says:

    I got 364426 points :P

  15. Outdoorsman99 says:

    YES! I beat the game with 945786 points!

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