Comments about “Cloudy With a Chance of Meat Balls”

  1. Trey says:

    I looovit!!!!

  2. Meatloafrocks says:

    I could not get it to work

  3. Nelco says:

    To easy

  4. noodle101 says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t do very good, though…

  5. logan says:

    I LOVE IT .

  6. kin says:

    i like it but i anly got to level 3

  7. coolfire says:

    really cool soooo fun

  8. i come in peace!!! says:

    so awsome! i beat my high score!

  9. caper says:

    this game is not that good on multiplayer

  10. jrod says:

    i got to lev. 3!i stunk

  11. matt says:

    This is super fun

  12. solgrieboy says:

    I thank the game is awesome

  13. Mars says:

    there are only 4 leveLS

  14. Yoman says:

    It is ok

  15. brickman says:

    beat it all 2 times!!!

  16. Stealth says:

    I STUNK at it. I only got to level 2!

  17. kin says:

    i love this game

  18. chazzzy maaaaaannnnn says:

    Pretty cool game i only got to lvl 2 tho

  19. evan says:

    It’s awesome

  20. psittacosarus1234 says:

    i dont really lik this game

  21. Akeala says:

    i know how to get to level 10

  22. sedffdsvtgrbvuyhuy says:

    very wacky

  23. blackbird says:

    I like it. I got to level 14.

  24. Akeala says:

    That was the best game ever and remember to wassh you hands.
    They shouyld make another one of those games.

  25. Mario guy says:

    I can only get to level 4!I need some help!!!!!!!

  26. funny says:

    what is that crazy little “watch out” every time you get out too funny and anoaing

  27. Cool Guy says:

    This really fun in 2 player!!

  28. Will says:

    It was delictios but hard.

  29. halo sniper says:

    worst game ever not buyin it!

  30. crash says:

    made me laugh! :]

  31. too bad says:

    it was awsome DUDE!!

  32. Blob17 says:

    Buddy was right.

  33. Blob17 says:

    way hard.level 2 is impossible!

  34. Cyberboy says:

    It’s HARD

  35. crazyman101 says:

    Man!This game is wicked and hard.But,I can tell you that it is very

  36. buddy says:

    it was kind of dumb… :|

  37. FRED says:


  38. meatballlover52 says:

    it was the most tastyist game EVER

  39. spiker says:

    its hard

  40. cam says:

    That game is fun!I might get it!

  41. tj15 says:

    awesome game!love it!

  42. Patrick says:


  43. luke12000 says:

    Love It!!!!!!!!

  44. Scouting101 says:

    I think it’s WEIRD!!!

  45. zman says:

    my score was…187590

  46. Mars says:

    best with 2 players

  47. @ce123 says:

    Fun! I like it!

  48. the man says:

    its good but a litte hard

  49. tirry says:

    fun game and nice movie

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