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“How to Annoy Your Brother”

A book never written: “How to Annoy Your Brother” by Barb E. Dahl.

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  1. ignore him

  2. while hes playing a video game start asking him random question and he will get annoyed

  3. Get your brothers most favorite item tell him to come to you . have a blender next to you and drop the item . make sure to rake out the blade before you attempt . turn the blender on when he goes to tell or when he gets close take the cellphone out and have paper of the color of the item or peices of the color in one hand and in the other hand have the cellphone behind your back . say don’t worry i can fix it take both hands together and say ta-daaaaaaa and give the item back gaurranted to annoy your brother ……………….

  4. go in you brothers bed room mess it up when your parents anre gone mess up the hole house and said he had a party

  5. While he is in a room (watching TV is the best) start flipping the light switch and say “ohhhh now i get it”

  6. if your brothers listning to music take his head phones and run

  7. go into your brothers room and eat loads of cookies to make crumy and anoying to sleep in

  8. This joke was funny execpt for the last part

  9. If you have a broken shoe and your brother has a new one, wear his one to school very early and just say you forgot and that it was yours. Do it really often, i tried it and my brother was so dumb he didnt even realise :)

  10. Jake the snake // May 1, 2007 at 3:26 pm // Reply

    Roald Dahl’s last name is pronouced dall not doll

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