Everyone has a photographic memory.

Comments about “Everyone has a photographic memory.”

  1. t149kid says:

    i c wut u did there. lol

  2. pepeh says:

    hahaha very funny.

  3. ang says:


  4. mr epic t says:

    hahaha! ahhhh…

  5. pie lover says:

    LOL i get it HAHA

  6. thecoolcat says:

    hahaha nice joke

  7. Tomsters says:

    I dont get either

  8. Amos says:

    I REALLY LIKE THAT ON….kinda describes me :P

  9. macro11 says:

    Great Joke! Even my dad would like it.

  10. free bird says:

    how very very VERY true!!!!!!!

  11. Wesvry says:

    Don’t get it ?

  12. Hot dog says:

    I don’t really get it.

  13. shadoweater22 says:

    haha i get it

  14. Jokesta121 says:

    Very Funny!

  15. guy just guy says:

    Click click

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