When the game system was lost.

Comments about “When the game system was lost.”

  1. mavro says:

    that is funny

  2. Soccer123456789 says:

    I get it. It is hilarous!!!!!!!

  3. yakattack says:

    good joke

  4. The Dude92 says:

    HA HA HA! I get it.

  5. cool guy says:

    that is the funnies joke i have ever heard!

  6. 48 says:

    It`s histearicial!!!!!!

  7. 48 says:

    i get this one

  8. Necromancer says:

    um… ha. ha. ha. i guess.

  9. guy says:

    har har har

  10. pedro says:

    My favorite!
    Thanks Brandon!

  11. Pedro says:

    Hah Hah

  12. MVSR says:

    I know there is a game system called the “Wii,” but I just don’t understand this joke.

  13. Me says:

    I like it !:)

  14. ky ky rocks says:

    i can not stop giggling

  15. vanes bongo says:

    so funny

  16. I love cars says:

    when it lost what got lost, lost the game or did it lose some thing defendant?

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