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A turkey’s favorite dessert.

Charles: What is a turkey’s favorite dessert?
Mary: I haven’t a clue.
Charles: Peach gobbler!

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  1. My mom nearly cried her eyes out at that joke

  2. RIP
    Innocent Turkey

  3. That was so funny!

  4. peach- gooblerr.

  5. cranbarries, just not me.

  6. haha lol:D

  7. awesome

  8. I would like some icecream with that please.

  9. lol!!! So funny!!!

  10. Ha Ha! LOL

  11. Ha, Ha! I needed a joke just now. Love it! 🙂


  13. spider-man23 // November 20, 2012 at 5:35 pm // Reply

    Can I have some pie with that?

  14. haha

  15. gobble-gobble

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