Curtains for my computer.

A teen walked into a store to buy curtains and said, “I want those curtains over there to fit my computer screen.”
“Computers don’t need curtains,” said the salesman.
“Hello,” the teen said. “I have Windows.”

Comments about “Curtains for my computer.”

  1. jaspeeder says:

    haha very funny~

  2. Sandman says:

    Not bad I think best joke I’ve heard so far *claps*

  3. Einstein says:

    pretty good :)

  4. Ninjadude501 says:

    Lol. I have 7 Windows :3

  5. Anonomyous says:


  6. Tiger says:

    nice one!

  7. double trouble says:

    i think i would do that

  8. double trouble says:

    i think i would probably do that

  9. Funny kid says:

    That one finally made me laugh

  10. LOL MAN says:


  11. no name says:

    awesome lol

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