What do you call a polar bear?

Comments about “What do you call a polar bear?”

  1. ANTIHUNTER says:

    not bad

  2. 007 says:

    Awesome joke!

  3. sissy says:

    great joke

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. seer says:

    I loved it:)

  6. Cool Dude says:

    How could anyone match that? halarios

  7. LightingTenderfoot says:

    This is the best polar bear joke ever

  8. tenderfoot :) says:

    thats about the best i’ve ever heard! i think…

  9. Billy bob joe sally the dude(s) says:

    yeah, funny and all that stuff… i agree with everyone else who isn’t insane

  10. Billy bob joe says:

    yeah, pretty funny :P

  11. tenderfoot :( says:

    thats about the best i’ve ever heard!

  12. Lexababe says:

    HAHA!! ;D rotfl

  13. fat fish says:

    another good thing about that bear wearing earmuffs: he can’t hear me swim and try to eat me….awsome joke man!!!!!

  14. doglover says:

    THAT’S SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

  15. mickeym4 says:

    this joke = total awsomeness!

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