Play golf with Jeff anymore

Comments about “Play golf with Jeff anymore”

  1. drummer says:

    No joke on BL has ever made me laugh.

    PS Pradude, you spelled “comments” wrong.

  2. richkid....NOT says:

    it’s okay….not the best..but good

  3. bob the gator says:

    LOL………I like golf jokes

  4. soccerdude says:

    not the greatsest joke ever, but it was o.k

  5. Runescaperocks55 says:

    congrats samurai on your b-day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!&

  6. gladiator says:

    i don’t get it

  7. Samurai 武士 says:

    Hey guys its my birthday tomorow!! 14!

  8. All-AmericanRejectsfan says:

    Great one!

  9. Pradude says:

    too many coments!

  10. NCCohNC says:

    Well thats one for 18 holes!!

  11. Lief says:

    AHAHAHHA I can see why its #1

  12. driad says:

    Well… my brother thought that it was funny. :P

  13. A NICE says:

    It WaS good but is it a real story??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. symphonies says:

    tee-hee ho-ho it was funny

  15. =I was never here...= says:

    Bravo!!! NOT!!! It’s just a take of a…..

    OOOh!!! I just got it… Sorry I bothered you

  16. the problem says:


  17. messhall402 says:

    what a switchero

  18. sport says:

    Funny joke!

  19. mandobird says:

    I have a pal named Jeff I tell this joke to him all the time

  20. mets446 says:


  21. goo - goo - gaa - gaa says:

    HA – HA – HA!!!!!!!!!!! That is one good joke!!! I like it, Caleb!

  22. pokey face says:

    That’s really funny.I wish it could have won PEDRO’S PICK.

  23. Squirrel says:

    very funny

  24. the problem says:


  25. I LIKE PIE says:

    the worst joke ever! (just kidding, its the best and funniest)

  26. KSB13 says:

    This one of the funniest jokes!!!! I LOVE it!

  27. Viper0371 says:

    now that is funny!

  28. Stu says:

    FUNNY!!!!!! (At first I didn’t get it)

  29. jake says:

    It was really good.

  30. Funny Guy says:

    I was laughing when I finished reading it, but I have read funnier.

  31. big h says:

    that ant me or is it

  32. Jeff says:

    Tom I am sorry I can not play with you anymore, but putting this joke about our personal relationship is absurd I am expecting a sincere apology

  33. Samurai 武士 says:

    I thought it was a funny Joke! one of the two best. 武士

  34. Inventor8 says:

    Get it Tom was cheating

  35. dgdayfbcocboc says:

    Very very very fuuuuuuuuuuuunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  36. somebody says:

    I heard this before. Wait. I think it was in the magazine. VERY clever joke!

  37. crash says:

    i didnt think it was that funny

  38. dragonia the third says:

    HA ha ha ha ha! i dont think tim will play with tom either anymore!

  39. LAnt345 says:

    Pretty good

  40. Joey King of Narnia says:

    Just like me

  41. samyo311 says:

    Man that was good one

  42. Exterminator says:

    GREAT joke!

  43. Runner boy says:

    i love it!!!!

  44. joe97 says:

    it’s a pretty good joke, but I kind of didn’t get it.

  45. Berlin23 says:

    Kinda funny

  46. cft says:

    REally funny

  47. Lil C says:

    This is funny but it took me a sec. to get haha.

  48. Anonymous says:

    not funny

  49. jacob says:

    Have you seen a cheaten person? well I Have and it is you

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