Play golf with Jeff anymore

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  1. BlueRocks says:


  2. kingchongoo says:

    i saw this one in a popular comic strip in the newspaper

  3. Rambo says:

    A 2-year could write better jokes

  4. mega says:

    colster98 the guy tom is talking about himself and jeff didnt like tom cheating

  5. i luv SHARKY says:

    that sonds like………!(]-:

  6. super sonic says:


  7. Strange7 says:

    Nice! I always like these jokes with the twists at the end. Keep up the good work Caleb L.

  8. the green problem says:

    now THAT is one funny joke

  9. Terminator says:

    SERIOUSLY who could be that dumb? LOL. P) 8) :)

  10. colster98 says:

    I dont get it

  11. profclyde says:

    Tom sounds like my brother! (No kidding!)

  12. yo says:

    Made me chuckle. (That takes a lot!) ***** (5 stars)

  13. Terminator says:

    Yeah propabaly would happen to someone I know.

  14. bacoron says:

    wow this is oviosly hilarios

  15. halo 3 lover says:

    sound like someone i know

  16. polar says:

    Quit cheating Tom! lol!

  17. J-man says:

    I’ve heard that joke before, but it’s always funny!

  18. bob says:

    ha ha! so funny!

  19. Elephant says:

    Haha! Poor Jeff. He should play with Tim now.

  20. Webstarr2 says:

    BEST joke eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best on dis site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. diebarney says:

    oh man i laughed so loud when i read that

  22. Master Chief says:

    not bad… man that is like the best one i have heard in a while….

  23. DP says:

    Oh, that joke was funny! Good one!

  24. Moose Man says:

    Lol ha ha just how my dad plays LOL

  25. rzach says:

    lol, i thought it would be jeff who cheats at first

  26. legonut says:

    I think that is funny. 5 stars

  27. rc13 says:

    Haha nice. Funny.

  28. obsessed says:


  29. meep says:


  30. kiker says:

    reminds me of myself

  31. Tad says:

    Haha… nice. Five stars

  32. cowboysfan says:

    that is a very funny joke

  33. nerf says:

    I like this one =P

  34. Shark-Man says:

    Hilarious :] :lol:

  35. Llama says:

    cool joke!! i liked it alot!! keep them coming!!

  36. Lucdude says:

    :mrgreen: :lol: 8-) :) HAHAHA!!

  37. Thejokecritic says:

    Pretty good, but I don’t think I would say that about myself, yah?

  38. cool dude says:


  39. smallfry says:

    Saw it comin. Very predictable!

  40. cool dude says:

    nice joke(i like how you told it!)

  41. tiger51 says:

    i bet when he was playing golf his was swearing all over the place

  42. tiger51 says:

    this joke is pretty good

  43. Hippi Man says:

    Funny! I wouldn’t want to play golf with him anymore either!

  44. tiger51 says:

    laughing on the ground

  45. yo_joered says:

    :lol: 999 star. cool

  46. camoboy says:

    Good Joke 4 STARS

  47. baberuth says:

    I LOVE IT!!

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