Someone who can talk like an owl

Comments about “Someone who can talk like an owl”

  1. awesomedude says:

    i think its funny

  2. Cat Lover says:

    It’s a little old, but it’s decent.

  3. SHOX says:

    man of cheese you are violent! (oh, and ah… i rated 5 stars) :)

  4. SHOX says:

    man of cheese you are violent! (and ah… i rated 5 stars)

  5. Argool says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ha!

  6. man of cheese says:

    grr! me no likes no fun fun jokies! grr! samsh with club! *bam* .0000000001 stars. ):(

  7. iwuzhear says:

    2***…its not funny

  8. the problem says:

    its not entertaining.

  9. Mr.Brown says:

    I get it…but it’s not funny

  10. Pieman says:

    wow, old school!

  11. Lighting Mcqueen says:


  12. parthvader says:

    3*** sorta funny

  13. tarantula says:

    kinda good…I agree with fredddy.

  14. Fredddy says:

    no wonder its #23!

  15. Runner 23 says:

    That joke was kinda funny…. needed some fixing though

  16. abdosh says:

    kind of old but funny 3 and a half

  17. matue10 says:

    i would say four and a half stars (thats good)

  18. the man says:

    no wonder it is #17…

  19. wild west says:

    oh no another groner

  20. knightly man says:

    lots of laughs i get it =)

  21. Pokemon 8905632 says:

    Herd it but a good joke. Oldie but goodie!

  22. ilikepie says:

    read wilhems post and subtract the funny…. 1 star

  23. bigmac says:

    I like owls, but that joke was a 1

  24. baglunch says:

    i dont get how somone can laugh at that.i mean its funny but i didnt laugh

  25. monkey says:

    that one took me a minuet…but it was good

  26. the problem says:

    this can go on for a while

  27. Alys says:

    im sorry i dont get it

  28. IkeofCrimea says:


  29. nick@21 says:

    my favorite

  30. Anonymous says:

    i loooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!

  31. me says:

    i LOVE owls

  32. wilhelm says:

    LAME. funny……………but lame

  33. coolguyshaterunescape says:

    man, BL lets any joke in here these days

  34. kilk212 says:

    ive heard that one to many times

  35. 516cub says:


  36. 516cub says:

    I agree,Spock,my STAR TREK vulcan.

  37. Nobody says:

    NICE! i never herrd the joke beefore.

  38. Big boss says:

    This joke gets a A=

  39. oldgeezer7734 says:

    That joke is as old as the hills

  40. Smurf Esophagus says:

    Uhhhhhhhh.. I’ve heard that joke about a million times already, so it’s not that funny.

  41. Samurai 武士 says:


  42. ??????? says:

    its good.i couldnt decide from a 4 or 5 star.

  43. Galactic Marine says:

    HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! Thats good!

  44. Captain Spock says:


  45. Cool-Kid-John says:

    OH! Now I get it!

  46. Cool-Kid-John says:

    I doesnt’z gets itz

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