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Links found in the December 2012 issue


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News & Notes

Hobby Hows

BL Headliners

Disney Wreck-It Ralph

Into the Blue

Snow Job

Guy Gear Update: Pack Picks

‘Nutten To It

Scouting Around

How to Draw a Cat

Taking the Party with Them

Build a Winning Sled



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5 Comments on Links found in the December 2012 issue

  1. I would like 2 no how too enter the contest to win the topps baseball set?T/Y

  2. I noticed the two mice (or is it mouses for a computer?) in the gaming section made by razer and they look really cool! Does anyone think that I can use my scout account for that because they’re in the Boys’ Life magazine?

  3. i like your backpack links. they helped a lot.

  4. I reAlly like the blue angels

  5. The magazine gives me alot of good information and always the magazines encourage me to try out new things. Thank you for making these magazines!

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