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Should I buy a Gerber or Swiss Army knife?

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I’m debating on whether to buy a Gerber pocketknife or a Swiss Army knife. My friend says Gerber; but I’ve heard Swiss Army my whole life. Which one should I buy?
– Sharp Jake, Mapleton, Utah

A. The answer is: You’re both right. Swiss Army pocketknives are legendary for their quality and usefulness. There are two companies that manufacture Swiss Army knives, Wenger and Victorinox — both make excellent knives. As for Gerber, they are a great knife manufacturer, too. Gerber has been manufacturing knives for the past 70 years, and makes a wide range of knives from standard folders and sheath knives to multitool-type knives like the Gerber Fit ($41; Similar to a Swiss Army knife, it’s packed with useful tools, 10 in all, including a fine-edge and serrated knife blade, scissors, tweezers, a few screwdrivers, and a super bright LED flashlight.

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68 Comments on Should I buy a Gerber or Swiss Army knife?

  1. GERBER IS CRAP! Iv had a fiew and they all stink. If any boy scout will have a knife, have A COMPANION FOR LIFE! VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY!

  2. They are both great brands but look into buying a leatherma. Great brand! You can find them at any Gander Mountian, Cabeles, Bass Pro, and almost any outdoor store. They will never fail you!

  3. i think they are both nice but i like a gerber better

  4. I prefer Swiss army knives

  5. Leatherman buy one 60 bucks at Bass Pro I have the Wingman best multi tool I have ever had. Also look at Brownng knifes they are tough!!!!!!!!!! If you need a really strong locking blade get the bear grills knifes they work vey well.

  6. The kershaw burst is cool.

  7. swiss army knives are more durable and have much more to offer.

  8. I don’t know but i wold go with swis army

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