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Prevent chafing on the trail

boxers-200x148Q. My troop just went on a weekend camp-out. After we climbed this big hill, I started chafing in my groin area. It itched so bad, it was really uncomfortable. My friends were making fun of me because I was adjusting my underwear all weekend. How do I prevent chafing?
— Chafed Chad, Belleville, Kan.

A. Ahhh, crotch rot! Don’t worry, Chad, you’re not alone. Even if your buddies don’t admit it, every guy has (or will have) problems with this. Chafing is often caused by poorly fitting clothes and/or sweating. So, wear a good pair of underwear that wicks sweat away from your body. Some guys prefer tight-fitting boxers that cover the inner thighs so there’s no skin-to-skin rubbing. In this case, something like the Under Armor HeatGear Boxer Jock ($20; would be good. For a looser fit, try Patagonia’s Active Classic boxers ($32; That might seem expensive for underwear, but if you avoid chafing, it’s worth it.

Once on the trail, make sure to keep your body dry. Bring some baby powder with you. Just dump a handful into your palm then stick your hand in your pants and coat it all. Don’t skimp on the stuff. This powder will keep you dry and should soothe any chafing hot spots.

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5 Comments on Prevent chafing on the trail

  1. Petroleum jelly. Period.

  2. Former Philmont Ranger // August 28, 2015 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    Remember to be “Bear Aware” when it comes to using these various remedies. Putting on scented items in the afternoon could create another problem

  3. Country life // August 28, 2015 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    Bag balm. Get it at tractor supply. Used for cow udders to prevent chafing and getting raw. Works great. A little goes a long way.

  4. Plenty of athletic undies that help protect thighs and groin. Trail Toes though works amazing for any friction spots, including thighs and groin area.

  5. I used all the things you all mentioned the best thing I found now is deodorant im a garbage man and this even works in the rain

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