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Getting comfortable in a sleeping bag

Q. I’ve been camping for years but am still having trouble getting comfortable when I’m sleeping. I can only sleep on my side with my right arm under my pillow but that can be trouble on cold nights when my mummy bag is cinched up tight. Any help Gear Guy?
—Sleepless Jake, Adamsville, Tenn.

A. Hmmm, Jake, that’s a tricky one. You might want to try a roomier, rectangular-shaped sleeping bag instead of a mummy bag. It’ll give you more space to move around and roll over on your side without feeling tight and uncomfortable. Of course, rectangular-shaped bags don’t insulate you quite as well since there’s more dead airspace inside the bag, so you might want to get one that’s rated for slightly colder weather than your current mummy. You might also consider a hammock tent like the one I wrote about here. Some guys find that hammocks help them sleep better and are a great alternative to regular tent camping. Hope this works and the ZZZZs find you on your next trip.

Comments about “Getting comfortable in a sleeping bag”

  1. Peanut says:

    try to sleep in the middle of your tent and wear a beanie.

    • cub scouter says:

      try the HQ ISSUE Tactical Sleeping Bag Olive Drab by HQ ISSUE-it has arms and a hood. I still use a baklava mask and gloves when its really cold.

  2. Ardetect says:

    i’m gonna own my sleeping bag!

  3. jackrocks12 says:

    that is one small tent

  4. Mickey says:

    can you tell me what the cover (mini-tent) is, that is shown up above in your photo?
    It looks GREAT.

  5. cubs127 says:

    Thats sounds good but you can use your sleeping bag as a blaket and hsve another one on you

  6. Warm Norm says:

    Try unzipping your bag 1/2 to 2/3 of the way and use the top like a blanket and sleep directly on your pad. I get a lot more sleep this way and I’m just as warm. P.S. make sure to have a hat on the really cold nights

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