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Stuff We Like: Wenger EvoWood

While there are so many cool knives on the market, I was really excited to come across this unique wooden-handled one. The Wenger EvoWood 10 ($40; has a nice sharp blade and a handful of handy tools you’d expect from a Swiss Army knife, but the handle is made entirely from solid Swiss walnut wood. Besides looking extremely cool, it feels nice in your hand, and it is eco-friendly as it’s made from leftover scraps of sustainably-grown wood. There are four EvoWood models available with the most well-equipped, the EvoWood S557 costing around $69.

8 Comments on Stuff We Like: Wenger EvoWood

  1. Forgot to add, I paid about $12 for my Opinel with shipping. AND they also make a WOSM version, but those are only in stainless steel, not carbon.

  2. I personally like the Opinel folding knives from France, They fold, have a twist locking mechanism, and come in both stainless steel, and my personal favorite, carbon steel.

  3. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) // October 15, 2011 at 2:28 pm // Reply

    If it doesn’t lock…FORGET IT!!

  4. I WANT IT WUT IS THE PRICE?????????

  5. really different and really cool

  6. is that real wood

  7. Nice! I WANT it

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