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Stuff We Like: Rusty Wired Hoodie

A hoodie with built-in headphones? No way.

Way! The new Rusty Wired Series Sweatshirt [$75;] is equipped with waterproof (and machine-washable) HB3 headphones hidden inside the drawstrings of the hoodie. In the front pocket you’ll find an input for your mp3 player or cell phone so your favorite tunes are always at the ready.

Comments about “Stuff We Like: Rusty Wired Hoodie”

  1. Bob13 says:

    Someone in my school had this. I wondered why he had his drawstrings in his ears. If they can make one with a mic too, you could talk to someone in class.

  2. tight swagga says:

    nice thats preetty tight yo

  3. mase says:

    I want one, NOW!!!

  4. BoyScoutTroop85 says:

    School teachers will be asking ” Why are your drawstrings in your ears?!”

  5. 007 says:

    Sweeeet! That is just plain tricked out!!!

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