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Skateboarding in the winter

Q. Dear Gear Guy. I love skateboarding but every winter it’s snowy and cold and icy where I live so skating outdoors isn’t an option. How do I make sure that I don’t lose all my skillz?
Frozen Freddy, Madison, Wis.

A. Not to worry; there are some things you can still do to keep your skating skills up. First off, if there’s an indoor skatepark where you live, go! If you have a garage, get your mom or dad to pull the cars out and set up a mini-skatepark inside. You can also always practice your ollies, kickflips and such in your living room, even on the carpet. Balance boards, like the Goof Board ($139; help simulate boardsports and are a fun way to improve your balance. Finally, if Old Man Winter gives you snow, go snowboarding! Don’t have a snowboard or mountains? Get an old skateboard deck (minus the trucks and wheels) and just slide around.


Comments about “Skateboarding in the winter”

  1. The BOSS says:

    go get a snowskate and make some rails they cost from $20- $100 they work just as well as a skateboard

  2. anonumus person says:

    why don’t you try an inside skateboard park if there are any near your home. otherwise try snowboarding

  3. mice says:

    shaun white would sure like to see that! i only ski i want to be like shaun whit

  4. Eagle555 says:

    Go snowboarding. It’s awesome! I just got back from Bogus Basin and my legs are sore1

  5. 17tleiter says:

    you should take off the trucks on a skateboard in the winter and go down a hill.PS put some oil on the bottom for extrem fun.

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