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Good, but Inexpensive Buck knife

Q. Dear Gear Guy, I would like a good quality but inexpensive Buck knife. I saw the article in September 2008 about the fixed-blade knives, but my troop does not allow sheath or fixed-blade knives. What can you recommend?
—Buckless Bill, Chesterfield, Mo.

A. Hey there, Buckless. Happy to help. A nice basic folding knife from Buck would be the Bantam BLW ($24; It weighs just 2.4 ounces and has a 3 1/8-inch long stainless steel blade that can be locked open so it won’t fold back on your hand while you’re using it. If you want a shorter blade or just a less expensive knife check out the Bantam BBW ($19) which comes with a 2 ¾-inch blade. One question for you now: Once you have a new Buck, we can’t call you Buckless anymore, right?

Comments about “Good, but Inexpensive Buck knife”

  1. Off-Trail Monkey says:

    I prefer my “P.E.C.K.” knife by Columbia. It’s a single blade titanium knife that stays very sharp, even during heavy use. Since i’m male, I’m a “Buck” so this makes it a great buck knife.

  2. First class man says:

    Buck 110 all the way

  3. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    Buck Quickfire assisted opening knife is a good choice.

  4. Chad 101 says:

    My suggestion and I highly recommend it is the Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife. It has a heavy duty blade but it folds down to fit into a Light weight mildew resistant military grade sheath that fits on your belt. And as for a buck knife, I use the Buck red point 750.

  5. knife guy says:

    my dad did that cut tendons and had to get surgery

  6. Scout dad says:

    When I was a cub scout (30 years ago) my parents gave me a folding Scout knife with a blade, awl, can & bottle openers, and screwdriver. The blade did not lock, and it almost cut my fingers off when I tried to stab some wood. (NEVER do that!) Not to mention, I broke the tip off the blade.

  7. knife guy says:

    with my expereents fixed blades are safer. even if it is a lock blade folding knifes are alot more breakable. the only folding one i carry is a aegis from SOG

  8. mrb658 says:

    It’s not that your troop does not allow sheath knives it’s BSA that does not allow them. Check your guide to safe scouting

    • nateman says:

      no its the scoutmasters desition we have a sheath knife all the time not to mention a folding knife

      • Sscout says:

        The new Guide to Safe Scouting only says to avoid large sheath knives. There are some fine fixed blades that are shorter than some folding knives. I would leave it to the troop and leaders to make a decision.

  9. darth bob says:

    that Bantam BBW looks cool!!!!

  10. Bob says:

    Just get an airforce survival knife go maybe $50 or less

    • KnifeFanatic says:

      GREAT Knife I love the Bolt Knife myself, another knife to consider would be to form the Becker Series:
      Becker Campanion and the Becker BK7 Utility Knife
      Buck Special, Buck Vanguard
      ESEE Knives

      Also look for the Buck Vantage series and the 110 EcoLite for nice solid folders from Buck

  11. bob72002 says:

    well i think that your troop dause not allow them because they might be dangeraus so no one will be hurt thats why. but those look pretty cool knives thoe.

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