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Stuff We Like: Gerber Omnivore Flashlight

Ever been scrambling before an outing for fresh flashlight batteries but never have the right kind on-hand? If you’re like me, the answer is a big fat yes. In fact, I have a great flashlight sitting in my drawer right now that requires a CR123 Lithium battery but I never remember to get one of those at the store and I definitely don’t have one just lying around the house. But that’s exactly the type of situation where the Gerber Omnivore Flashlight ($38.50, really shines — pardon the pun. It’s a simple 0.7-watt LED flashlight with a single bright beam that can be powered by any of these three battery types: AA, AAA or CR123 battery. Odds are you’d be able to find one those in a hurry. The 4.5-inch long case is water-resistant anodized aluminum and weighs about five ounces including a battery. Of course the amount of light it’ll throw and how long it’ll burn depends on which battery you use. Here’s a quick look:

  • AA: burntime: 6 hrs. 45 min. / beam distance: 154 feet
  • AAA: burntime: 2 hrs. 30 min. / beam distance: 158 feet
  • CR123: burntime: 4 hrs. 30 min. / beam distance: 200 feet

The Omnivore retails for nearly $40 but I found it online for just $27 — not bad for a flashlight that can eat most any kind of battery you throw at it!

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  1. Piggy says:

    I am so taking the cr123 battery

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