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Modular tent systems

Q. I am looking for a type of tent that can zip onto other tents (of the same style) for my friends to use on campouts so we can each have our own living quarters.
– Drayton & friends, Gilbert, Ariz.

A. Good question, Drayton. I have seen a couple modular tent systems over the years. The coolest one I’ve found is The North Face Docking Station ($429;, which is basically a 97-square-foot canopy-style tent that could serve as your “living room.” It has four roll-up doors to which you can attach as many as three other tents, each sold separately, including the 2-person Dock ($119) or the 4-person Dock ($159). If you have a LOT of friends, you could also add the Mesh Room ($149), which fits inside the Docking Station itself, providing screened protection from bugs and sleeps up to six. Naturally, this kind of tent system is best for basecamp or car camping rather than backpacking because of its size and weight.

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  1. Hammerlily says:

    Camping Equipment Company has a modular tent system – Axis and Zulu. Axis is a screen room that doubles as a tent and the Zulu is the modular sleep pods that can be used as a stand alone for 2-3 people or be attached to the Axis… Pricing looks more affordable than the North Face offerings.

  2. crazy boy says:

    Why not just buy a cabin tent?

  3. Mr.Awesome says:

    it may be hard to find anywhere in the country but on the web u could find one

  4. yippie says:

    you should serch the web

  5. jamwam says:

    wow thats alot of money

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