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Best jacket for Philmont?

Q. Hey Gear Guy! What kind of jacket do you recommend for Philmont Scout Ranch? I need the jacket to be preferably something light and under $100.
—Curious Kannan, Herndon, Va.

A. Hey there, Curious. Good question. I called our buddy Mark Anderson, Philmont’s director of programs (that means he’s the boss!), and he recommended packing a fleece jacket that’s designed to block the wind. By nature, fleece is lightweight, but your ‘under $100’ requirement is a bit tougher to meet for a wind-blocking fleece. That said, I did a quick search and found these two jackets, which would be great for chilly weather at Philmont. Stay warm!

  • REI Windbrake Thermal Fleece Jacket ($89.50;
  • The North Face Windwall 1 Fleece Jacket ($70-$100;


Comments about “Best jacket for Philmont?”

  1. Off-Trail Monkey says:

    The one you didn’t forget to pack is best.

  2. T41 Scout says:

    polartec from ll bean for 50 bucks

  3. coolman360 says:

    a military surplus jacket works great.

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