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Where to buy the Leatherman Fuse?

Q. Dear Gear Guy, My son and I saw your knife reviews…his question is (him typing now)…where can I buy the Leatherman Fuse?
— Mike and Dad, Tyrone, N.M.

A. Hey Mike and Dad, If you want to find a store that sells Leatherman products, click here. You can also find the Fuse online. I saw it for about $33 at and Happy shopping!

Comments about “Where to buy the Leatherman Fuse?”

  1. boys' life says:

    the gerber curve is awesome

  2. ian says:

    WAVE all the way

  3. cdl 225 says:

    I read the review and was wondering: Where can I find the 3 in. multi-tool?

  4. EscapeArtist says:

    Personally,I’m not interested in the Leatherman. Too heavy for my purposes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You could try amazon

  6. Vwbusman says:

    Yeah, I like that multitool as well

  7. Guy with question28 says:

    Hey gear guy, I was also reading your review on the knives and I also want to know where I can get the “Gerber Fit”?

    • Boys' Life says:

      The Fit might be too new to show up in retail stores just yet, but we did Google it and find it online at several shops. Great prices, too. There are several to choose from.

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