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How to keep the tent clean

Q. Hey Gear Guy: On camp-outs, my tent is always so dirty for some reason. Whenever I lay down to go to sleep there’s always dirt and sand and leaves all over my sleeping bag and the bottom of the tent. Please help?
— Messy Merle, Farragut, Tenn.

A. Here’s what you can do: Next time you’re camping, bring along an old towel from home. Lay it down at the entrance to your tent, like a welcome mat. Whenever you go to get inside your tent, just sit on the towel and take off your boots. Leave the shoes outside of your tent (hopefully dry and safe under a vestibule, brush off your feet and then climb inside. The towel and taking off your boots before you go inside will help stop some of the junk you might otherwise track in the tent.

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  1. Sly Fox says:

    Try a footprint sandwich. That’s a plastic floor save under the tent and a second inside. This way the floor saver takes the beating rather than the floor and the campers can slide the plastic out, shake clean and put back in place if cleaning is needed. Easy.

  2. Melissa says:

    Might help you to buy a outdoor rug to put in front of your tent to wipe your feet on. And yes keep a small sized broom & dust pan in your camping supplies!

  3. packmama says:

    Always leave your footwear outside of your tent! The best way to keep dirt, leaves, etc out, is to leave them behind. Your tent will probably also smell better and your boots will be better for the fresh air. Be sure to cover or bag them before you go to bed so they don’t get all dewy in the morning.

  4. Trek says:

    To enter your tent, open the zipper door, sit inside the tent while leaving feet outside. Take off footwear. Reverse the process to put shoes on.

  5. Dann says:

    Part of what is necessary to know is the type of tent. If it is free standing, pull the pegs, turn it upside down, open the doors and shake it out. If not free standing, turn the tent inside out and shake it out. The broom idea is good but it adds weight. This should do the trick. If not, wash the inside out and scrub LIGHTY with a soft brush to lift off the heavy soiling, then let dry.

  6. bear says:

    It will help if you take off your shoes and set them out side your tent.if you are thinking about rain bring along a plastic bag to put them in.That is what we do in out troop and pack.Just make sure that your tent stays closed.I hope that helps good luck

  7. madamo says:

    Next time you go camping bring a broom to sweep up the dirt,sand and leaves ind if there is junk under ypor tent bring a sleeping pad to make it more comforitable.

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