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Best kind of survival kit

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I am getting ready to go on a camping trip and just would like to know what is the best kind of survival kit that fits nicely in my backpack and doesn’t take up too much room.
— Scout Stephen, Havelock, N.C.

A. Thanks for the question, Stephen. The easiest thing is to buy a pre-made survival kit like the SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Scout ($25; This compact 5.4-ounce kit includes a compass, signal mirror, rescue whistle, survival blanket, fishing kit, fire starter and duct tape all packed inside a mini waterproof drybag that won’t take up much room in your backpack.

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  1. Booklover101 says:

    I think that you should have bright orange clothes and a waterproof blanket that can be used for making a lean-to, signaling, and keeping warm. And also tons of water!

  2. Sly Fox says:

    The best survival kit is the one never used; that means you were prepared to avoid the situation to use one.

  3. katfish says:

    im addicted to survival!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

      Then you’ve never really “survived” anything extreme. No one is addicted to getting lost and/or fight for their life. Trust me I know.

  4. duke of nothingham says:

    in a survival kit you need 2 things 1 decent sized FIXED blade knife and one multi use metal canister if you feel like if you want you can also pack some cordage if you have those tree things you have every thing you need to survive indefinitly in the wilderness.

  5. Trollenvale says:

    Don’t buy a prefabricated kit. If you make one yourself, you can ensure that all the gear is of good quality and become aquainted with its use. You don’t want to buy a fancy survival kit just to find that the cheaply made whistle breaks once you drop it. Besides, making your own is often much cheaper and infinitely more adaptable.


    what i have as an addition to my survival kit is an Altoids can with a magnesium firestarter, small candle, and cotton balls or dryer lint. seal it with electrical tape. the electrical tape can be used as kindling.

  7. Sly Fox says:

    I suggest making one in a large hole nalogean bottle and adding a solar light cap. From there you can experiment what to add; solar blanket, magnesium starter, water tablets, etc. Taking the wilderness survival merit badge is a great way to test your kit. Then you will have a real survival kit rather than a toy kit that wouldn’t really do much if truely needed.

  8. draco12 says:

    i went camping with my dad and other scouts once,and i used a empty tent bag and that did’nt take up too much room in my backpack.

  9. badbonz says:

    Just make your own! Its fun and You have endless space to put other things that you find in it. I did that and now iI have a kit where I can survive anything from frigid winters to the urban jungle.

  10. bobo says:

    I bought one for my son and one for us to tear apart and practice using all the parts and pieces. Excellent starter kit.

  11. Jerem says:

    I make mi own !! It’s more fun .

  12. woyo13 says:

    Cool! where can you get those?

  13. hedgehog says:

    i took the wilderness survival merit badge and we made our own in an altoids can.

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