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Fix a hole in a tent

Q. Yo Gear Guy, I just got back from summer camp and I had a blast, except for one thing: My tent got a hole in it. I was wondering if you know any good inexpensive ways to fix the holes?
Holey Zachary, Freedom, Pa.

A. Better a hole in your tent than a hole in your head, huh Zach? No worries, I have an easy solution that my buddy (and Eagle Scout) Chris Dickey shared with me. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • one tube of SeamGrip ($5-$7;
  • one fabric patch
  • duct tape

Apply a piece of duct tape to the backside of the fabric tear. On the outer facing side apply a thin layer of SeamGrip (careful, this is sticky stuff). Next, place the fabric patch over the top of the SeamGrip. Before it dries, give it a gentle press and wipe away any residue. Give the patch about 20 minutes to dry and you’ll have a bomber tough waterproof fix.

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  1. hjacobs2u2 says:

    Rat ate a hole in my 10 person tent will this work it’s part bottom and a bit of the side?

  2. madhouse06 says:

    Thanks guys I’m a single mother of5 boys and a girl I like to take my kids camping . Ibought a heavy duty tarpolan tent 2nd hand andwhen I errected it ……….. the moths had eatenlittle holes in it so whenur lying down inside u feel like ur under the stars lol I will try the duct tape and material .thanks heaps wendy

  3. Colonel Hessler says:

    I used duct tape to, but on the wrong side. So it is an eyesore to other troops.

  4. Dusky says:

    Thanks for the tent hole repair. I’m an 79 year old female and never had to patch a tent before this year when the flame came too close. Sounds a good bit easier than once I am home sewing the patch with my sewing machine.

  5. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    My vote goes to Duct tape. Here in the Idaho Mountains we live by 5 things. In order they are: Our Bibles, our guns, our knifes, our coffee, and our Duct tape!

  6. Cubmaster 96 says:

    I used the same technique. Just remember, when your shopping at your local “big box store”, check the fabric department. You can get a lot more patch material for a lot less money than the tent patch in the sporting goods department. Buy extra and keep it in your tent duffel so you always have it on hand!

    • madhouse06 says:

      In Australia we don’t have big box stores are they camping shops as we have those like BCF (boats,camping,fishing)

  7. c super says:

    i don’t even use the patch i just use the duck tape

  8. circus monkey 123456789 says:


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