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Stuff We Like: HitchSafe

We were skeptical of this thing at first, but after our first summertime canoe outing we became real believers. The problem: where to keep your keys, cash and other small valuables when on the trail or on the water. The solution: HitchSafe ($80,, which attaches to any standard 2-inch receiver hitch on a truck, van or SUV and provides a small storage space locked securely by a combination of your choosing. Simple to install, difficult to crack!

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  1. Hound says:

    That’s a fine idea and all, but most of the time when you’re hiking or boating or whatever, you have either a storage trailer, boat trailer, bike rack, or whatever that will have already been in the hitch. This already occupies the hitch, so the ball for a trailer doesn’t have anywhere to go. May all your stuff fit in the truck.

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