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Stuff We Like: Batter Blaster

If you love pancakes as much as Gear Guy does, then you’ll love Batter Blaster (About $5,, the easiest pancake option we’ve ever used for camp cooking. It’s organic pancake and waffle batter inside a pressurized can. Just press the top and out shoots the batter. It’s super easy to make perfectly round and fluffy pancakes. One can makes about 28 four-inch pancakes. I’ve used it at home for Saturday morning breakfasts and brought it along on several camping trips. You do have to keep it refrigerated, so it might not be a good choice for backcountry trips.

Comments about “Stuff We Like: Batter Blaster”

  1. xam says:

    so cool i make it every time i camp

  2. not happy :( says:

    I bot this and the pankakes took forever to cook

  3. Sly Fox says:

    Interesting idea. This might be fun for summer camp cooking; I’m sure the chocolate will be popular.
    This is the stuff I keep looking for, new and different, keep adding more items to the site like this.

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