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Where to find affordable warm clothes

Q. Dear Gear Guy, I’m going on a Bluenose camping trip and was having trouble finding the right gear. What are some good brands for warm clothes that are also affordable?
– Chilly Thomas, Massapequa Park, N.Y.

A. Gotta love those Bluenose trips! I definitely dig winter camping. OK, affordable cold-weather clothing brands? In my experience, your best bet for quality yet affordable outerwear is to look at the “house brands” of outfitters like REI (, L.L. Bean ( and Cabela’s ( Those big outfitters often manufacture their own branded gear that uses the same high-quality fabrics and insulations as the big brands but for way lower prices. Columbia ( makes some pretty affordable warm clothing, too. Stay warm, Thomas!

Comments about “Where to find affordable warm clothes”

  1. T41 Scout says:

    try merell from rei

  2. coolman360 says:

    in all the winter outings that I have been on, my camo coat works great

  3. frank says:

    at target there is under aurmor under the c9 brand and i think it is better

  4. frank says:

    you can find them at thrift stores, and wall mart sometimes, at target they have the c9 brand witch is under armor but thicker and warmer

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