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Recommended mountain skateboard?

Q. I’d like to buy a mountain skateboard. What kind of board would you recommend for me?
- Curious Kenneth, Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

A. Skateboarding down mountain trails? Love it. Get an entry-level board from MBS Mountainboards ( They’ve been dedicated to the sport for a long time and make good boards. I did a quick check online and you can still get the basic MBS Atom 80 Mountainboard for $130, which should be a great board to learn on. You’ll pay about $30 more for the Atom 80x (comes with a hand-held V-brake), which will be very handy for running the steep stuff!

Comments about “Recommended mountain skateboard?”

  1. freeride---mtb says:

    get the rock-board descender for practice

  2. miteyman says:

    it looks cool but the price could be better

  3. dude says:

    can you ride a regular skateboard down a mountain trail?

  4. BOBO says:

    How much is it

  5. bobo says:

    looks cool

  6. matt says:

    it look’s fun I want to triy it some day

  7. litel says:

    looks cool

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