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Best small sailboat for use on a lake?

Q. I like to go small-boat sailing. I think that it is fun and educational. What kind of boat do you recommend for use on a lake?
– Sailor Noah, Auburn, Ind.

A. Hey Noah, sailing is indeed fun. I grew up sailing on lakes, too, and have great memories of my summers at a local sailing camp. As far as boats for beginners go, you can’t really beat the Sunfish ($4,265; It’s a classic small boat that’s easy to sail and you can find them used for around $750. If you’re interested in learning to race, the Optimist ($2,785; is a good choice. It’s short and stubby but is one of the most popular racing sailboats for young people and you can find used Optis for as low as $500.

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  1. jon says:

    get either a butterfly or a sunfish, Sunfish are smaller and simpler for beginers, butterflies are bigger and much faster. A good sunfish is about $500 and a good Butterfly is about $750

  2. Coolsuude says:

    Where can you get the boats for a cheaper price in Dallas Texas.

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