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Quality rock climbing gear at a cheap price

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I love rock climbing a lot! But I don’t have my own gear. I want good quality gear but would like it at the cheapest price. I was wondering what brand I should buy and where I should buy it?
– Andrew of the Rocks, Philadelphia, Pa.

A. Good to hear from you, Andrew. And great to know you’re stoked on climbing. First off, you might want to read my Rock Climbing Buyer’s Guide, which details the basic gear you’ll need, plus some specific product suggestions. You’re smart to look for quality gear, as your safety up on the rock depends on whether your gear works or not. And, for that same reason, you should generally avoid buying used climbing equipment. A few good brands to consider are Petzl, Black Diamond, Metolius, Mammut and Arc’teryx. As for where to shop, try you local outfitter shop or a reputable online retailer like or

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  1. ng says:

    The best brand i get all my gear is at dicks sporting goods the thing is it is not a cheep price but the quality is better

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