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Need a spare bladder for hydration pack

Q. Where can I get a spare bladder for my hydration pack (straw included)?
– Anon E. Mouse, Anonymous, Wash.

A. Hey Anon. Good question. Interesting name. And it matches your town’s name. Strange. Anyway, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a spare reservoir for your hydration pack. Not sure what brand of hydration pack you have, but REI ( sells replacement reservoirs (aka bladders) for Osprey, Platypus and Camelbak hydration packs. Or check the website for the manufacturer of your pack. For instance, Camelbak (, click on accessories) sells replacement bladders for $30-$35; Hydrapak (, click on reservoirs) sells theirs for $30-$37. Most new bladders come with the drinking tube included.

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  1. Aaron says:

    If you can find last season’s osprey bladders, they are really well made. They have the nalgene cap and do not require an o-ring to stay watertite. My local outdoors store is selling the 70liter bag for $24.

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