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Affordable camping hammock

hammock-200x148Q. Dear Gear Guy, I have been looking for an affordable camping hammock that I can use in all seasons, preferably under $200. Any suggestions?
– Hammock Harry, Merrimack, N.H.

A. I love camping in a hammock, too. It’s tough to camp on hard ground after you’ve spent a night sleeping up off the roots and rocks. Check out the Scout Classic from Hennessy Hammocks. It’s priced right at $100 and is a good-quality basic camping hammock with built-in mosquito netting and a detachable rain fly. It’s lightweight too, at just 2 lbs., 10 oz., and fits inside a stuff sack about the size of a bag of potato chips. This might not be the best choice for winter camping, though. During the winter the ground itself provides much-needed insulation, while the thin nylon bottom of the hammock lets the cold air zap away your body heat much more quickly. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are definitely ways to do winter-hammock camping right (including layering a sleeping pad and down winter bag inside your hammock), but you really have to be well prepared.

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  1. blah says:

    I have a hennesy hammock and it is awesome

  2. cool stuff says:

    Look at the Equip travel hammock. It is very good and lightweight.

  3. spierstheamazing says:

    i have used a eno hammock ($50) and so have some of my friends it works great and i always sleep good

  4. The Bible says:

    i want a hammock sooooooo bad

  5. Suspendeded Burro says:

    Nope, no suggestions here. But hammocks do allow bears to eat without bending over; cool.

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