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Stuff We Like: Hari Mari Flip-Flops

flipflops-200x148Yes, Hari Mari flip-flops ($60, are theĀ  most comfortable we have ever worn. Yes, they come in a bunch of cool colors. Yes, they are made with recycled and sustainable materials and have a solid one-year warranty. But here’s why we like our Hari Mari flip-flops so much: We know that with every pair sold, the company donates part of the sale price to help fight cancer in children. Now that’s a cause worth sinking your feet into. A bit pricey, for sure, but they’ll last longer than most cheaper brands, and you can be confident your money is going toward a good product — and a great cause.

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  1. Sly Fox says:

    Since I’m left footed wouldn’t mine be Flop-Flips?

  2. The Bible says:

    cool. have to try it

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