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Cost-friendly fishing boat for less than $500

kayak-200x148Q. Hi Gear Guy! I am a huge fisherman and I want to know about a cost-friendly boat. My budget is $500. Thank you.
–Thomas the Fisherman, Newark, Del.

A. I’d say your best choice is a used sit-on-top kayak. Fishing from a kayak has really grown in popularity because you can silently approach fish that you might otherwise scare off with a motor, and you can easily slip into tight spots and shallow areas where fish like to hide — places no motorboat could ever reach. While there are lots of fishing-specific kayaks on the market with cool accessories for anglers, any basic sit-on-top kayak will work just fine. Check your local newspaper classifieds for a used kayak and paddle (you should be able to find both for less than $500) and then just affix a Scotty Rod Holder ($15-$20; and bungee cord an old plastic milk crate to the stern for your tackle and other gear.

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  3. Waves739 says:

    It would be a good idea to make sure it has slots to securely hold you gear because you don’t want that falling out.

  4. mike says:

    there are very nice sit in sides for $250 and tandem sit on tops for $450 at costco. they come with everything except life vest

  5. Sly Fox says:

    How about a traditional canoe? new for $500.00 Used for about $200.00. You could also find a nice 10′-12′ 3 seat row boat used for about $200.00 and put on a real nice electric motor with battery on it for another $200.00-$250.00.

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