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Sharpening a pocketknife

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  1. knifeista says:

    Nice sharpening skills. like it.

  2. ED says:

    how much does whet stone usually cost?

  3. HIHI says:

    I just use a kitchen knife sharpener

  4. finch says:

    How do I sharpen my ridged knife

  5. Anonymous says:

    Were would you buy a wetstone

  6. Tsug says:

    I’m broke, and I use my Swiss for whittling, can I use any natural resources to sharpen my blade?

  7. RedneckGirl97 says:

    what if i don’t have a sharpening stone or lubricant?!

    • Delta Force says:

      your screwed! just kidding. If you dont have one go buy one or buy the one that knife xpert suggested for only $15 what could go worng?

  8. lifer2010 says:

    i have a few new knifes, i have just one issue. it takes a lot of work to get the blade out, especially with multi tools, they have have notches for help but usually they are too far down to help.

  9. anandy101 says:

    can you use a plain old stone if it has a certen texture

  10. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    I can’t sharpen a knife worth beans with a stone. so I use smiths Edge Pro Pull-Thru sharpener(average price is $15) GREAT sharpener! first for a dull or really dull blade pull you knife thru the course side about 35 times (or when the knife feels sharp) then switch to the fine stones to put a razor edge on it.(pull it thru the fine about 55 or more times)

  11. knifedude says:

    thanks will try that now

  12. Unspeakable says:

    Time to sharpen my swiss

  13. Anonymous says:

    i dont know how to sharpen my knife with out a stone

  14. nacholibre says:

    how do i sharpen my pocket knife?

  15. bowieknife says:

    My granpa gave me a knife that sez “old timer” on it. where do they sell these knives?

  16. bowieknife says:

    i just got a new swiss army knife. it’s really dull. how can i get a nice, sharp edge? i don’t know if my sharpening stone is coarse or fine- my granpa gave it 2 me

  17. :) says:

    How do i sharpen a pocket knife if i dont want to buy a whetstone or any sharpening tool? I might buy a sharpener but right not i cant.

  18. tootalltoreply says:

    were can i get a whetstone or any stone that can sharpen a knife

  19. Bleeding Fingers says:

    Most knives come with “factory” edge. In other words, they are unsharpened. If you want a really sharp edge on your knife, try keeping the back of the blade about the width of a dime above the sharpening stone. It’ll take longer, but in the long run, you will have a razor sharp edge if you do it right.

  20. bo says:

    well ill try this on my 30 knifes and re post on how good it works, if i have time to repost. on the farm knifes can get really dull so i might carry a sharpening stone with me……. that would be a good idea if you have to sharpen a knife on the farm or any were else.

  21. connor the man says:

    i have millions of knives and sharpening stones.the rogher the blade the rougher the sharpening stone (A.K.A a whetstone)

  22. goody grog says:


  23. cool dude says:

    I will try that THANKS!

  24. scout 4ever says:

    you will not need to sharpen a more expensive knife as much Swiss army is a good brand they sell good ones as cheap as ten dollars

    • Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

      actually swiss army knifes are most often made of 440 steel. which will dull just as fast as a regular knife. Swiss Army is a OK brand, but their steel is just regular 440, nothing special.

  25. fishy says:

    I will try it!

  26. fishy says:

    That is a good way to sharpen a knife, what if Ido not have a sharpener?

  27. Jupiter says:

    I usually use a kitchen sharpener

  28. Missingfingers says:

    After you finish sharpening a knife place it blade down on your fingernail and gently try to move it back and forth, if it doesn’t move close it up and stow it.

  29. Cut Fingers in Round Valley says:

    Porcelain can give you a fine edge.

  30. DULLKNIFE 9 says:

    NOW I can sharpen my knife

  31. buckknives11 says:

    good tip i will try it on all 3 of my knives

  32. tootall says:

    i was wondering this myself. thanks

  33. Mother Nature in Las Vegas says:

    Nice video on knife and axe sharpening. I’ve recommended it to all of my new Scouts.

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